Trans-Ocean makes its mark with consumers through packaging that says "natural and delicious" for the company's shrimp and
smoked salmon product lines.

Naturally Good Looking

To promote the high quality of Trans-Ocean's shrimp products, we turned to close-up food photography that captures the finest details. Well-thought-out color coding differentiates product varieties and
type handling separates retail and foodservice product offerings.

Print Ad Introduces The New Line To Trade
Introducing the New Line
to the Seafood Trade

An impactful print ad communicates to seafood
buyers that Trans-Ocean is fully prepared to
compete in the crowded shrimp category.


Extending the Brand Look

The brand platforn we developed for the shrimp line was easily modified to word for a new line
of smoked salmon products.

An Upscale Look For Foodservice Products
Bringing it all Together

Trans-Ocean's multiple product lines are presented with consistency, style and impact in their booth at the annual Boston Seafoood Show.