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A contractor brand that had gained distribution in the major home center retailers, Pro Finisher needed a fresh approach that would appeal to the consumer market. Our strategy created more in-store impact for the updated product line, which led to new distribution across the country while also supporting the brand's core business with the professional contractor market.

A New Look for an
Established Brand

Clean, bold type and strong colors were
used to give the Pro Finisher line more
shelf presence. The design format extended across a variety of packaging and container materials and sizes.

A New Look For An Established Brand
Shelf Signage Engages
Consumers In-Store

Pro Finisher's key selling message of speed and durability was delivered with attention-getting shelf signage and a helpful how-to-use brochure.

A New Look For An Established Brand
Keeping in Touch
with Contractors

Print ads and promotional offers targeting the contractor market helped to increase distribution with flooring dealers nationwide.