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For Colonial Mills, with whom we've worked since 2001, the ongoing challenge is to present the company's line of braided rugs as a contemporary home decorating option. The annual catalog is the critical component in CMI's marketing arsenal as it introduces new styles, colors and collections, and also
drives the look and feel of other materials for the year.

Colonial Mills, Inc.
A "Look-Book"
Style Catalog

To show retail buyers the decorating possibilities with braided rugs, our layout featured interesting "in-use" photography, creative copy and clean, appealing design.

with Key Buyers

A series of creative postcard mailings was
used to introduce the company and break
down resistance to discuss braided rugs with
buyers at the leading home decorating retailers.

Web Site Delivers
Product Details

The CMI web site extends the look of the
annual catalog offering additional product
details and supporting the sales team's efforts.

Online Banners Engage Visitors, Drive Recipe Page Use

Rug Sample Center

Clean graphics help CMI's retail display stand out while delivering a quality message for the brand.