Good packaging sells 365 days a year. It's your ad on the shelf, attracting customers every day. Packaging is the fastest and most cost effective way to make your brand stand out and win the attention of busy consumers. Ads and promotions occur at a moment in time and then go away. Your packaging, conversely, is a constant presence, visible on the store shelf every day where it makes an impact on all who see it. It is a daily reminder of the quality, flavor, convenience and other benefits the design communicates.

For the mid-sized companies that we work with, packaging is often the only place where they communicate directly with consumers. It is critical that we get it right. When we do, the impact is immediate ... and long-lasting. Packaging design done right often results in the product becoming the face of the company. It's what is seen most often by your trade buyers and the consumer, so it is the image that comes to mind when your product category or company name are mentioned.

At Dodge, we have worked on hundreds of packaging assignments, from pressure sensitive labels to gusseted pouches, 5 gallon drums to cardboard boxes. We have deep experience in the packaging arena. We know the suppliers, the trouble-spots, and how to deliver the package that you need to be successful.

  • Brand Strategy
    Identifying a motivating position
    for your brand.

  • Brand Identity
    Your brand logo is the foundation
    of well-designed packaging.

  • Design
    Color coding, photography, call-outs
    and more must be considered.

  • Production
    How to make the design idea look best
    in an affordable finished package.
Trans-Ocean Salmon

A rich, traditional design gives this new
line an established look.


Upscale food photography communicates
high quality while offering recipe ideas.


Playful type helps to position this line
as a snack option for hungry teens.




To reduce consumer confusion,
product features are explained with
descriptive call-outs.

Mouth-watering photography does the selling
and graphics give a fresh-from-the-docks
appeal to this brand.

Steam Series

A well-thought-out design format uses color
coding and photography to unify this brand
across multiple product categories.


Trans-Ocean Seafood Snackers

Product naming and colorful graphics
work to attract younger consumers
to the fresh seafood case.

Autocrat Coffee

Strong graphics support the well-known
identity of this iconic Rhode Island brand.

Pro Finisher

For a higher performing new product, the
design communicates technical-superiority
and ease of use.



Sea Scallops

The wholesome quality of all natural
scallops jumps of the packaging and positions
the product as a premium offering.

Master Chef's Sauces

The small-batch, local chef appeal
of this line of sauces is communicated
with illustration, friendly colors and type.


Eclipse Syrups

We were proud to help introduce this
new look for Eclipse back in the 1990s.

Bar Tender's

A well-known brand from the
1960’s remains popular today with
a refreshing new look.