It's been said that a powerful idea can "make one ad do the work of ten." That's impact. It allows you
to achieve better results at a lower cost. This is the goal of every assignment we undertake.

Impact is created in many ways. It's a memorable copy line - such as "Warm Thy Neighbor" - which
the Good Neighbor Energy Fund has used to help generate millions of dollars in donations over the
past decade. It's also a striking package design, a well-written press release, or creative email blast that
instantly makes a statement about your level of quality and professionalism.

At Dodge, impact is an attitude. It's our commitment to keep working beyond "good enough." Until we've uncovered the big idea. Until you've achieved the results you want.

In addition to powerful creative ideas, we also create impact for our clients in other ways, including:

Well-Conceived Marketing Strategies

Dodge crafts marketing plans and recommendations that make the most of the creative approach and
keep you on track to achieving your objectives.

Productive Client Relationships

We respect your time and your budget; we won't waste either. We keep the focus on the work and how it can help your business. It matters here that you consider us good people with whom to work.

Full Service Resources

We bring comprehensive, big picture thinking to every assignment and we execute accordingly. You don't need multiple suppliers to bring your marketing plan to life.

Creating impact. It's why we come to work each day.





For each assignment, we undertake a thoughtful process to determine and develop the most compelling, effective solution. We call this process the Four I's.
Collecting and analyzing your objectives,
competitive activity, target audience
characteristics, and longer term considerations.
Developing the creative idea. From headlines
to package designs, we search for a big idea
that will connect with your target audience.
Investigating how the creative idea will extend
into all of your other marketing activities.
Reaching the target audience wth the creative
work and analyzing the results.
The Four I's process drives the development of every assignment at Dodge. Using experience, judgment and instinct as our guides, we create programs that deliver bottom line results and build long-term value.