Dodge Associates is a marketing firm providing strategic and creative thinking for companies, brands, products and organizations. Below are the key facts that help describe who we are and
how we approach the business.

Full Service Capabilities

Broadly stated, this means advertising, design and public relations. More specifically, it includes concept to completion work on assignments ranging from brand naming, packaging design and web site development to press conference planning and trade show support. What matters to you is that we handle virtually every aspect of the typical marketing program with our internal team.

Creating Impact Since 1980

We're proud to be one of the oldest marketing firms in Southeastern New England. It's nice to have a reputation for strong performance over many years, especially in an industry that has seen so many companies start, only to disappear a few years later.

Located in Providence

After almost 20 years in the same office space in the Jewelry District, we moved in 2015 to new space on Cedar Street, just a block from the restaurants on Federal Hill. We hope to stay just as long at this location. Providence has been a comfortable and convenient home for us, easy access to clients in Boston and beyond.

Core Staff of Five

We're a small company and we like it that way. So do our clients. They enjoy working with our key
people everyday, without layers to slow down the process. We get to know you personally and make
a commitment to helping you and your business succeed. When needed, we bring in additional
creative staff to help out.

Client List of Around 20 Companies

Each year, we work for approximately 20 client-customers. While we are always interested in adding
good new clients to the company, new business in not a daily focus for us. Serving our existing clients is.
We gain a few new clients each year on the basis of our work, and that has been good enough to keep us going strong.

Long-lasting Partnerships

Long-lasting professional relationships are the cornerstone of our success. Here, we routinely go the
extra mile, take care of the small details, and keep the bills as low as possible. Twelve of our current
clients have worked with Dodge for 10 years or longer. Five more for over 5 years. No contracts, no commitments, just ongoing relationships based on the quality and success of our work. We are here
to help you for the long-term, if that's what you want.

No Industry Specialization

We work for banks, jewelry and home textile manufacturers, energy utilities, event promoters, food processors and more. We believe our broad experience is an asset. While we don't specialize in any industry, we are most comfortable working with consumer-related products and services.

Dodge Associates